Emails verification service

By Our Email verification service we can verify if an email address is real or fake. Anyone who sends emails regularly can benefit from this service.

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The service email verification allows you to send us or share with us via google sheet a list of email addresses.

First, our system will remove all duplicates from your list. Then, it will verify that the emails are in a proper format, according to RFC standards. Finally, the system filters the emails against a constantly updated list of banned words and phrases. This list of 780+ email providers will remove any addresses that have failed in the past. The system will also check for invalid domain names and filter role accounts. Last, the system performs a deep cleaning SMTP test to ensure that the message will be delivered. Make sure the mailbox is there and can receive mail.


Whay use our bulk emails verification service?

People sometimes misspell their email addresses, which can lead to failed deliveries because of bounces or spam complaints. What’s more interesting is that many of these invalid email addresses are ones people actually use. These incorrect domain names are the result of simple typos.


We Securise your data

We understand how important your data is and we take security very seriously. We use industry-standard practices to protect your data, and we are always alert for potential threats.

Your imported lists are stored in an independent container.

Your emailing data is protected by two-way encryption methods that ensure safety at all times.


Avoid emails that harme your emailing accounts and your credibilty

emails verification service

Are you using MailChimp, Mailjet, Mandrill, or Postmark to send emails? When sending emails from these services, any bounces, spam complaints, unsubscribes, and basically anything harmful should be avoided.

We give you a blacklist away so that the user’s email address will never be allowed back into your clean lists again.

Share emails list via Google Sheet

If you use Google Sheets to manage your data, you can easily share with us your list on google sheet by following a few simple steps. Our système provides an XML response when requested, which allows you to verify email addresses directly from within your spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

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